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Spreading Sparks and Walking with Lightning

Well here we are and depending on when you’re reading this it’s just before or after the Edge Expos 2013 Psychic Symposium.

What does it mean? Well that means that I have started, after much internal and external badgering, writing a blog. I told myself that I would launch it as part of the symposium. The big questions: Why are you writing a blog? What is it about? What’s the purpose? I think that those are great questions and the ones that have been nagging at me for quite a while. While I have been a psychic for a number of years I always thought I would just teach what I knew to people and that’s how knowledge would spread. We would all benefit from learning from each other. It’s a great idea but the community is fractious and spread out even among ‘new agers’, seekers, healers, mystics, witches, magicians or spiritual practitioners. I don’t mean to throw the labels out lightly or with too much tongue and cheek. The point here is some labels we respond to well and other we dislike with varying degrees of intensity. If we go back to the fact that I intended to teach classes to people this becomes problematic in a hurry. Everyone seemed to have their own view vocabulary and maybe group of like-minded individuals that they pursue things with. They might not have time or interest to study with or teach someone else.

That being said let’s not forget the things that we have in common: A concept that the world works on principles that are more than just five senses can perceive and what modern science tells us exists. Another concept is that we are all connected at least in some way to each other and this wider world that we live in. That much of what is reality is based on perception and that there are various ways in which we can choose to ‘see’ the world. That through states of practice and perception we can access at least some of the information and connections between things in the wider world and ourselves.

Here we are in the present and I’m still practicing, teaching, and learning just like so many other people that are interested in a wider world. When I get readings from other psychics the question of why aren’t you writing comes up over and over. The desire to write, just like the desire to learn, train and teach is there but I have always seemed to talk myself out of it even though Creative Writing is one of majors I graduated college with. Like I said in the beginning of this, after some internal and external badgering I have decided to write a blog because it engenders commentary, feedback and discussion; in short it becomes its own classroom where shared experiences can benefit us all. I’m planning to write a weekly entry that we can discuss and share. The following week may bring a new subject or more discussion and refining last week’s subject.

Many of you will read this and look back at the title of the blog and scratch your head. For years now when I have the opportunity to speak about intuition, energy or spiritual practice I have always given a lecture that I call Walking with Lightning. The subject is about learning to live with our intuition and the awareness that there is a wider world. How we develop trust in ourselves and use out intuition to develop perception and skills to aid us in our lives. I have given that lecture multiple times now. Like me Walking with Lightning has evolved and grown. I’m still walking with lightning and now I’m trying to spread sparks. Welcome to the blog.

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