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What's in Your Toolbox II

First some news:  I will be at the Maria Shaw Psychic Spring Fling this weekend!!!!!  This is event is always a great fun filled with great psychics and other vendors who are there to make it a great event.  It’s at the Radisson Hotel Roseville, the address is: 2540 N Cleveland Ave Roseville, MN 55113.  This is a great time to get a great price on a reading and see a number of different psychics in a day if you would like to.  Hope to see you there!

Last week’s gap in the blog was unavoidable but here we are back on schedule. Last time we talked about our personal toolboxes that we use in out day to day lives and in, what I will continue to refer to as the ‘Wider World. For now we’ll leave the discussions of what is the Wider World aside, except to say that is the world filled in by our intuition and other perceptions that tell us there is more there than I can explain with my five senses. Let’s put off discussions of the Wider World until the beginning of summer, at least for now. Now back to our model of our Toolbox.  I took stock of mine last time and broke it down into some broad categories that I like to use.  You’ll obviously use what works well for you.

I realize this is the point you might be talking to the screen and saying but I’m not sure what has worked for me in the past or how to organize the things that I know.  Well look back through the last blog for some ideas but let’s start with what you have used in the past.  You probably have a number of tricks that you use when you need to engage your intuition or knowing for something.  What are those? Coin Flips? A pendulum? A quick three card reading with your favorite tarot card deck? This is your chance to go back and remember what has worked for you in the past.  It’s been a long winter and for some that means a bit of sluggishness in trusting ourselves again. Now that you have remembered some things that have worked for you examine them a little bit.  The biggest thing is how did it feel?  How did it feel to just KNOW the answer to your question? Was there a physical sensation that went along with the knowing? If so what was it?  This recollection of the memory of when our intuition or perception served us well is powerful and it allows us to build.  Now it becomes about practice in replicating your successful experience or feeling using your sensitivity with new things.

I’m a fan of keeping track of my results. It can be a confidence builder.  The other thing this will help you with is when you don’t get the results you think or want with a particular tool or skill. You might need to set it aside for a while, find a teacher or learn more about it before proceeding forward with it.  This was the pendulum for me.  I like them. I think they are cool and I have seen some people use them in very impressive ways.  That was not my experience with them and it made me second guess some other things that I do very well.  I set it aside for a while.  I tried it again a few months later with no real improvement and gave up on it for a while again.   When it came up the third time I cornered a friend of mine who is skilled and asked him a number of questions and had him demonstrate examples. Then had him watch me as I tried to do some of the same sorts of things.  I was not an overnight success by any means but I can use a pendulum with confidence now.  You can count on the fact that it is now in my skills-as-tools toolbox.

With that example hopefully there are some things you can think of tools that you want to develop and how to find ways to bring them forth.  If not, as always, email me.  The other part of this when we talked about toolboxes was that it was spring and I was taking stock of things.  The more I thought about skills-as-tools the more I realized that I wanted to coincide with the season and I wanted to grow some things.  Normally for me this means take stock of things and organize.  If one of my tools doesn’t fit where it used to I find a new home for it.  This might mean that tool isn’t something I want to use anymore or it might be something physically that I want to get rid of because it doesn’t fit me anymore.  Once I know (remember) what’s in my toolbox I’m ready to plunge forward.  As I said, it’s Spring, despite how it may appear here in Minnesota and I want to grow some things.  I decided that some I’m no longer happy with some of the physical things I’m struggling with and I am trying a new exercise regime.  It’s one I have looked at three times now (one of my rules) so it’s time to stop reading about it and try it.  My second thing is to organize myself mentally and get rid of the huge world stopping bouts of self-doubt that keep coming up.  For me this means meditation both standing and sitting, to keep my energy even and strong. This one is daunting to me because it requires consistency and time management.   I have a hard time making those two things work together.  When I can though, well it’s magical. The last thing for the spring is that I feel as if I have hit a plateau with my use of Tarot.  This isn’t to say my client’s aren’t happy with it but I want to be better.  I found and old book recently that I had buried on readings and layouts. I bought it somewhere in town, pawed through it roughly with no real focus and discounted it. Into a box it went. Recently I had the pleasure of fielding some tarot questions for one of my dear friends and rediscovered the book.  There is more depth to this thing than I saw on first blush that came out as she and I discussed layouts and interpreting cards as sets and in combination.

Now I have my three things to work on for spring:  to clean up, organize and hopefully add to my toolbox.  The theme is growth.  I’m going to exercise differently than I have in the past to improve my body. I’m going to meditate to improve my energy and I’m going to study to improve my skills as Reader.  What’s in your toolbox that you want to work on for the spring?

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