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What's in Your Toolbox?

 It’s a week after the Psychic Symposium and spring is around the corner.  I’m happy on both of these counts.  I had a great time at the Psychic Symposium, renewing some associations with people and or groups that I have lost touch with.  With a special thanks to all of the great folks at the PranaPath booth, my friend CJ and her kind introduction to Dawn and of course Jean Wallis.  The Symposium was well attended and I was busy with readings and meeting a bunch of new people. Thank you everyone who sat down with me at the All Things Energy Booth.  In the last couple of years the Symposium is a great reminder that passion, service and prosperity can all coexist together. Despite the snow on the ground it reminds me of spring.

For me spring is a time to pause and consider.  I examine my goals and the tools in my toolbox. Since my birthday is in the summer I have some goals that I start at that time and others that I start at the first part of the year, some as resolutions. This time of year is a great reminder too if I have lost track of my goals and to see where they have gotten to.  I should be clear in my use of the word goal, in this case.  Sometimes I really do mean accomplish X by this date.  Sometimes it’s checking on long term things I may be working on. If they are long term projects or goals;   did I achieve my goal and not realize it? Am I seeing any progress?  Is that still really a goal of mine? Some of the concrete examples are: What is the state of the web site? Have I updated? Is the Blog up yet?  Have I learned the second section of the Tai Chi form by heart? More often a goal revolves around a set of practices or use of skills or tools from my toolbox and if I see any difference from using the tools.

The word toolbox conjures up some great images.  My dad always had this battered red rectangle of a toolbox that was behind the seat of his truck.  It was heavy and it always seemed to have way too many things in it.  My Dad has always worked on cars and motorcycles as well being a plumber for most of his life.  The difficulty was finding the right tool for what was needed at least when I was digging in it.  I’m not really referring to a literal toolbox in this case, even though I would recommend that everyone have one at hand. A toolbox, in this context, is: all of the tools that I use for my psychic and spiritual work.

I have been at this a while so I have a lot of tools that that I use.  They fall into some broad categories.  One category is energy development.  This category of tools is one that I use to raise and control my own energy.  A set of standing breathing movements called the monk set.  A breathing exercise that cycles energy through the body to increase readily usable energy for self-healing, physical exercise, or to increase my general sensitivity to my environment, it has no particular name.  It was an exercise that one of my teachers gave us as a basic exercise.  There is a meditation that I use when I am about to do a reading for a client.  I use it to make sure that I get information that pertains just to my client and not anything else that may be in the local environment. Another broad category of tools would be props or things that I call tools of the trade.  I’m a tarot reader so obviously I have a few tarot decks around.  I have couple that I prefer because of the art style or a particular theme they are constructed around.  I use palmistry as well so I have books that I have tendency to pursue over and over.  It’s not that I’m overly forgetful that I keep doing over these books but how many times have you reread something and all of the sudden it makes a different kind of sense to you than it ever did before.  The other reason is that sometimes you learn to increase your vocabulary so that your words have a more meaning to your client.  Reading and listening to other readers is a great way to increase your vocabulary too.  I have a category of drills that I use to increase my perception and intuition.  Flip a coin twenty times and call it, without cheating.  How many times are you right? Another category of tools I have are healing methodologies.  The primary ones that I have are Reiki and Pranic Healing.  These are both extensive bodies of work on how to increase our own health as well as the health of others.  They are both effective methods that require practice, good instructorship and a healthy dose of common sense to be good at.

I realize in the last the last paragraph I just threw a whole bunch things out there that really deserve their own treatment.  Don’t worry.  I want to talk about toolboxes for a while so we’ll circle back over some subjects in the upcoming weeks.  A toolbox is a collections of skills, behaviors and often self-taught techniques that we learn from various sources to cultivate our talents in certain areas of our lives. In my case I may have overgeneralized my toolbox of psychic and spiritual work.  This isn’t a bad thing.  Sometimes it takes me time to figure what tool or skill to use for a situation.  On the other hand if I have very few tools in the box the tools I have are likely to be very versatile.  A toolbox is a way to organize and categorize things about ourselves for ourselves.  I don’t care how you organize your own toolbox but in this time of spring it can be a useful way to take stock of what you have and what you might want to pick up and dust off as you move forward.  Writing this I know I need to get back to some daily practice of some of those things from the energy development area again.  Like so many things we fall in and out of habits from time to time.  It’s a good thing spring is almost here to make me go through my toolbox.   Dig around in yours this week and see what you find.

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